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Starport Scum: Curiosity Kills (Almost)

Okay, so nobody's heard from Captain Redd in a while after he went to investigate that crashed transport, and now Agent M and his crew have decided to break into a Wagner-Vogel facility to figure out what's going on.  Before they can access the servers, though, they'll have to disable the security systems.  This is Verdun's specialty, so it shouldn't be too difficult if he can get into the building with the access point.

Starport Scum is kind of like an RPG, if an RPG was a an awesome skirmish game.  We've got characters and they have traits that define them, and they do things and maybe role-play and maybe roll some dice, and then there's a fight.  I mean, there's always a fight.  It's a minis game after all.

If you've got a game master running the bad guys, you can really get a nice RPG-fight experience.  I've only got me, but I'm going to GM for myself, anyway.  Yeah, I know what surprises are in store, but you don't so you get to just enjoy the ride.

Here's the layout.  Guards are scattered about, and our team has snuck in through a breach in the wall that has yet to be repaired.  If I were better prepared, there would be little yellow barricades, or at least some traffic cones.  Use your imagination.

Standard corporate sci-fi installation terrain
Verdun, the hacker, is on the left.  He's a Hacker, obvs, but he's also rather Charming in a roguish sort of way.  Not Flavio, though.  He follows some kind of Samurai code, and is all Brooding there in the back.  Agent M is their Intimidating Leader, leading.  Bloo (in red) behind him, is a Tough Demolitions Expert, and survivor the the Cola Wars of late 20xx.  And finally, Vindictive Amaranth waves her pistols around on the right, threatening everybody with her Two-Gun Fu.

Several of those traits aren't necessarily applicable in a fight, but might be handy between battles.

Verdun, Agent M, Flavio, Bloo, Amaranth
This is the building that somebody *cough*Verdun*cough* needs to get into to disable the security systems.  The only way in is through this roof access door.  There are, of course, guards.

Guarding guard is guarding


Our guys manage to hold initiative for a couple of goes, and Agent M and Amaranth move forward cautiously but quickly. (3d6, keep the highest, in inches).

Then a guard moves in on their position (Goons get a flat 1d6 move.)

As the GM, I've decided that the guards have to make a task roll to "spot" the intruders. (2d6, any 5 or 6 means success).  This guard, doesn't notice them yet.

He should have worn his glasses, but he thinks they make him look "nerdy".
Another guard fails to spot the team as they move in, but the one one the roof sees them!  But all is not lost!  If they can take him out before he radios in, they'll remain hidden. Yes, I'm totally making this up.  GM's prerogative.

"I can see my house from here!  And intruders!"
For some reason, Flavio wanders off on his own, not even toward the objective.

Amaranth: "Where are you going, Flavio?"
Flavio: [Geralt-grunt]
Amaranth: "Fine, whatever."

It's a bad sign when I can't even win a game that I'm playing by myself.
Both Amaranth and Bloo blast away at the guy on the roof, but between his armor and the cover of the building's edge, he almost avoids injury.  Luckily, Bloo's blast rifle gets a bonus die against armored targets, and they manage to pin the guard down.  Unfortunately, while the guard can't shoot back, he's perfectly capable of operating a radio.  The jig is up!

[Kshht!]"Did somebody order adventurers, because they're here. Over."[Kshht!]
Hearing the alarm, Ahnold straps on his flamethrower and lumbers onto the table, running "like a fool" toward the disturbance (extra dice and a +2 movement for running).

"Head for da choppah...uh... I mean security room!"
Flavio embarrasses himself, getting only one hit on six dice as he jumps out and slashes at the guard.  The guard, however, does much better with just two dice, pinning Flavio and sending him ducking for cover.

Well, you bring a sword to a gun-fight...
Verdun is apparently confused, and just sort of stumbles forward an inch.

"Time out, guys!  I've got to tie my cyber-shoe!"
And then this guy shoots Bloo in the back, pinning him.  For what it's worth, none of my guys are armored, so getting shot at sucks.

Sneaky bastard

Agent M gets up on the roof and completely misses the guard.  The guard moves into cover and shoots back, but fumbles!  Aha!  Agent M gets a free shot... and misses. :(

Like a scene from "The Naked Gun"
Meanwhile, on the ground, Flavio moves behind the building to try to stay out of the line of fire, but can't quite avoid it.  And then of course, the guard rolls three sixes!  Flavio is a Hero, so he isn't taken out, but he is Wounded and Pinned.

Flavio adds "getting pwned by a Goon" to his list of things to grumble about.
[EDIT: Oops.  I forgot that Goons get NO bonus dice.  Should have just been 2d6.  But Flavio doesn't know that, and I'm not telling him.]

Everybody else moves into position, and maybe takes a shot at an enemy, but there's nothing to show for it.


OMG!  Verdun brings the pain!  First kill!  All of those hours in Call of Duty XLII are paying off!

Bloo blasts another one!

This one guy must have really short legs.  He's been working his way up these stairs for like three turns!  And he's totally holding up Ahnold.

"Move it, you load!"
Flavio tries to get out of the way, but being Pinned, he loses his 5s and 6s on movement.  Still, one inch at least puts him in a bit of cover.

Flavio drags himself behind cover, in true samurai fashion
Nothing else interesting happened, but you can imagine there's probably a bit of moving and shooting going on.


Finally Verdun ducks into the security room and with a successful hacking test, turns off the security system!  And then there are flashing red lights and klaxons.  This was not how things were supposed to go down.  What's going on?

Ooh!  Apparently that security system was keeping the creepy, hissing alien murder-machines from escaping!  Oops!  Hopefully there's only those five right there.  (Spoiler: There's more.)

There's movement all over the place!
Agent M figures Verdun probably has things under control and bravely makes for the ladder, but he does manage to fire off a shot, making the guard on the stairs keep his head down.

"You've got this, right?  I think I hear my mom calling..."
With that one load in the front blocking the stairs, the other guards don't have much choice other than to make a fighting withdrawal.  Unfortunately, even with Ahnold's flamer, they don't take down any of the vent-crawlers.

"Hissssss! Hisssss!"
Flavio and Amaranth, meanwhile, clear the exit while they wait for the rest of the team.

Flavio's honor is restored (with Amaranth's help).

Oh 'eck!  They can climb!  Everybody, they can climb!

No fair!  There are terrain rules for a reason!
Agent M slides down the ladder and hides.  Verdun, walking out into this mess, sees what's going on and decides to risk jumping over the edge.  He rolled very poorly, and ended up face-planting on the pavement below.  That's going to slow him down, but he's alive for now.  The rest of the team continues to fall back.

"Geronimooo-" [crash]
"I'm OK!"
Ahnold's flame-thrower manages to burn one of the vent-crawlers down!  Unfortunately, there are plenty more.  Surprisingly, that load on the stairs survived the first round of panicked flailing.

Disco Inferno

The vent-crawlers continue to swarm, and another guard goes down!

"Game over, man.  Game over!"
Poor Verdun gets up from the ground and limps forward an inch.  That's not going to be far enough to get away from the monster behind him.  Then, in a stroke of lucky dice, Agent M put a blaster round into the thing, exploding it in a spray of acid blood (that was too far away to hurt anybody else)!


Well, it looks like that load finally found his feet, just in time to run away!  The swarm overwhelms Ahnold, and he goes down, cursing everyone and everything.

"Damn you, Load! Gaahhh--"
Our "heroes", meanwhile, make a relatively casual escape the way that they came in.  Their wounds aren't bad, and they'll be ready for the next mission.  What mission?  Who knows?  Maybe revenge on whoever obviously set them up?

Amaranth: "I'm telling everybody that you got thwomped by a Goon."
Flavio: [Marge Simpson grumble]
And that's a session of Starport Scum.  It's pretty fun, and I like the "RPG lite" feel of it.  I wish I had more friends who were into this kind of thing nearby.  It would be cool to run a proper little campaign for them.  Oh well.

[EDIT: Astute humans will notice that I totally forgot chose not to use the Morale rules.  That was an oversight a scenario specific ruling as determined by the GM.]

(I always forget the link.  Starport Scum on WGV.)

Ĝis la revido!

Jason "Ludanto" Smith C;E

Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Department FAQ/Errata

Ludanto: Ok, not a really interesting post.  The site that used to host the FAQ/Errata for "The Department" seems to have gone away, taking with it this pretty important list.  Shaun Travers found it in the Wayback Machine (Clever.  I should have thought of that.) so I'm re-posting it here for my convenience and for posterity.  I claim no rights to the text that follows.


Q: In one section of the PDF rules it says that Fate = Resolve, in another it says Fate = Logic. Which is correct?

A: The rule is that Fate = Logic

Q: It seems that most (Human) suspects have a pretty hard time of things. Resisting a KO uses TN4, which they can only achieve on a double 6 and breaking bonds after arrest is TN5, which is not possible for them at all.

A: When resisting a KO check, a character uses their Resolve (color version page 23). In the case of a minor human suspect, this is a 4. It's tough but doable.

As for the breaking the bonds, you are correct, a normal human cannot break them. Zip ties in 2060 are pretty strong.

Ludanto: Wait.  Is that true?  Why have I been rolling like, 4 dice for the suspects' escape tests?  Weird.  Well, good.  At least that seems less ridiculous now.

Q:"Iron Will" vs. "Tough" Traits: Both cost 1 point, but Tough is much better with it's +2 re-rolls on KO checks. "Iron Will" is made redundant by this, isn't it?

A: Iron will adds a die to your total resolve pool, while tough allows you to re-roll 2 dice after you have made the KO check. you could combine these two to make a really touch character!

Q:Bureaucracy: This skill is mentioned numerous times but there don't seem to be any rolls that use it. This means quite a number of character options become less attractive, "Getting too old for this" for example.

A: You're right, I cant find any uses either. You should use this skill when asking for more budget or using the "by the book" trait to reduce your IAP.

Q: Strength and Agility: The rulebook mentions these two stats a few times, I suppose Strength means Prowess, but what does Agility refer to?

A: These are relics from Blasters and Bulkheads (the granddaddy of a the Department). Prowess should be used whenever these are encountered.


Q: The subroutines offer alternatives for if the number of detective is fewer or more than the number of suspects. Which should be used if the number is equal?

A: You should treat an equal number of suspects to detectives that same as a greater number of suspects. Criminals are not real good at math. :)

Q: Crowd Dispersal: There is no range listed for the crowd dispersal special action that I can see.

A: The range should be 4cm. looks we left that one out.


Q: If I don't interview or interrogate a suspect, how am I supposed to find out if they are a fabricant when i'm in combat with them?

A: Per federal law, suspects are human until proven fabricant. this means that any unknown suspect uses the human  profile until they are determine to be a fabricant. You can determine a suspects humanity either remotely with a fabricant scanner, or using a verbal test.

The fluff reason for hidden faricant acting like humans, is that fabricants that have had skinjobs are programmed to mimic humans in physical characteristics. Since fabricants don't have a flight or fight response per se, they will continue this ruse until they are sure they have been found out.

For a lot of suspects, scanning is not really feasible, sometimes in a firefight, you have to assume their human. Like the gang that jumped you in the battle report, there is no really good way of scanning them. And in this instance it doesn't matter, since you can go full bore on them anyway.

Q: Now, there is the possibility that you are attacked by a suspect before you know who they are – i.e. the murderer jumping from the crowd in Mission 3. If you use lethal force, can you still haul the corpse to the station to see if it was a fabricant? Or, can you scan a dead body in the field?

A: You need to roll for every apprehended and KOed suspect after the mission. The paramedics will quickly see if a suspect is a fabricant and turn them over to the DFM. These KOed fabricants can be scanned at the station for evidence. You can't scan a KO'ed suspect in the field.


Q: In the "Grass the Neighborhood" mission, am I right in thinking that you don't make subroutine rolls for 'person's of interest' until you generate their event?

A: Yes you are correct, persons of interest are not suspects per se, so they do not roll subroutines until they become suspects.

Ĝis la revido!

-Jason "Ludanto" Smith C;E

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Usurper: Claim to Power (The God in the Well)

Okay, then.  Time to take this system for a spin.  I've got a little hamlet with a problem, and Sukeribi right there in the middle of it.  Let's find out what happens.

While travelling about, searching for resources, Sukeribi stayed a few nights in a tiny hamlet near the woods, named "Ranu".  The people were weird, but that's small towns for you.  Then, just as he was getting ready to leave, Sukeribi thought he heard a cry for help coming from the old well at the center of town.  Suddenly, a couple of the nearby villagers got really loud, and another came to talk to Sukeribi, drawing him away from the well.

"I thought that I heard a cry for help", Sukeribi explained.

"What?  From the well?  I'm sure that you're mistaken.  Sometimes the wind will whistle like that.  No worries.  I hope that you enjoyed your stay, sir?" the villager ranted suspiciously.

"I.. but... ", Sukeribi stammered.  Perhaps it was the wind.  Others nearby didn't seem to hear anything troubling, and even now several villagers stood looking into the well without signs of being worried.

Sukeribi shouldered his pack and followed the path out of town, but as he glanced behind him, he saw a crying woman being led into a building as she reached out a hand toward the well.  Something wasn't right.


Later that night, under the cover of darkness, Sukeribi returned to Ranu.  The hamlet's gate was closed for the night, and the only way in would be over the rough palisade walls.  Sneaking up to the side opposite the gate, Sukeribi wiped his hands on his robe, took a few paces back, and ran at the wall before leaping upon it!
This seems like the kind of thing that would require a test.  Grabbing d100, I just roll it.  There's no need for modifiers or anything.  The dice come up "84".  Checking the Action/Event table, that's "Action succeeds as expected".  Not super dramatic for you, Dear Reader, but it's what I, as a player, would hope for.  So, you know, he makes it over the wall unseen.
Sukeribi's fingers found purchase in the rough wood of the wall, and after waiting a moment to be sure that he wasn't heard, he continued up and over, dropping with reasonable grace to the ground on the other side.
"Wait, how dark is it?" I ask.  Maybe the moon's out.  Maybe it's not.  This isn't a matter of skill, so I roll on the Chance table, and get "47".  Unlucky!  I don't get what I was hoping for.
Just then, clouds moved overhead, and the moon's light, already dim in this phase, faded away into near total darkness.  The hamlet wasn't large, but Sukeribi wasn't very familiar with it, and finding his way to the well would be tricky.  He reached for the torches in his pack, but then thought better of it.  "Carrying around a flaming beacon is not the best way to remain hidden, Sukeribi," he thought to himself.
Another roll on the A/E table gives me "25: Failure to make progress.  Change approach, or improve odds to retry".  Well, turds.  I think for a minute, and then I have an idea.
After quite some time, Sukeribi realized that he had no idea where he was.  He was turned around and just couldn't see anything.  Sitting in the dark against the side of a hut, Sukeribi cursed his lack of planning.

"I just need to get my bearings," he thought.  "If I only had a candle, rather than a torch..."

Suddenly struck by an idea, he scrambled to his feet, feeling his way around the hut until he found the door.  Taking a deep breath, he pounded at it, and then quickly moved away.  A short time later, an elderly man opened the door holding a candle.  The flame wiggled only slightly in the still air, revealing the man, and some of the hut and a bit of the path.

"Hello?" the man called out.  "Sir," said he, "or Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore; but the fact is I was napping, and so gently you came rapping, and so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my chamber door, that I scarce was sure I heard you."

Seeing nothing, the old man shuddered and said a small prayer as he closed and barred the door, sending the world once more into darkness.

Now, having some idea of where he was, Sukeribi closed his eyes on the night and called upon his keen memory to guide him to the well.
Ok, that earned me another try.  Also, I'm going to burn Sukeribi's "Keen Memory" Trait to roll twice and choose the better result.  I get "46" and "29".  The "29" is the same result I got last time.  The "46" is "Action barely succeeds".  So, I get what I want, but not all of it.  Man, I suck at this.
After far too long wandering the darkness, Sukeribi eventually found the well, although that's hardly an achievement considering the man standing beside it with a torch.  The man is robed, and kneeling at the well, head bowed, as if in prayer.

Sukeribi decided to wait the man out, but just then another cry was heard, definitely coming from the well!  The robed figure looked up briefly before returning, perhaps even more fervently, to his prayer.

"I don't have time for this!" the novice swordsman whispered before grabbing his training sword and dashing across the square toward the kneeling man.
Okay, so there's a "combat" table that can be rolled on for fights, but this is more of a sneak attack, and the guy isn't much of a threat, so I'm just rolling on the A/E table again. I'd hate to burn all of my Traits in the first scene, but I feel like this is something I want to get right the first time, so I burn "Novice Swordsman".  Rolls: "58" and "88".  The "58" isn't too bad, but the "88" is better.  "Succeeded as expected."
Before the man could look up, Sukeribi clubbed him in the head with the wooden training sword.  The man slumped to the ground, unconscious.  Sukeribi dragged him away behind a cart, and then returned to the well.  He picked up the man's torch and peered into the depths.  It seemed that there was a faint glow from the bottom.

"Hello?" he called quietly into the well.  Receiving no response, he secured the well's bucket rope, doused the torch, and descended.  "What are you doing, Sukeribi?" chided himself under his breath.

Reaching the bottom, he found that he could indeed see in the dim green glow that seemed to emanate from the water itself.  He made his way to the nearby "shore", his boots crunching as he went.  It was only on the shore that he could see that the crunching was from old bones, too small bones, that littered the ground.

"Not cool", Sukeribi muttered anachronistically.

He gathered his nerve and moved farther into the tunnel that snaked away from the pool of glowing water.  After a few turns, he saw what looked like a young boy, though thin and awkward.  "Wait!" he called out after the boy, but the boy ran away, disappearing  down a side passage.  Sukeribi gave chase, dashing through twisting caverns, not noticing the pit the boy had leaped until it was too late.
You see how this works.  Result: "34: No progress. If no time limit, can attempt again."  Hmm.
Sukeribi grunted as he fell short, hitting the edge of the pit hard and knocking the wind out of him.
Dude!  Climb!  Result: "73: Action succeeds as expected".
Sukeribi dragged himself over the edge of the pit and onto the wet floor of the tunnel.  Wiping himself off and retrieving his sword from where he had dropped it, Sukeribi continued down the tunnel toward the sound of quiet croaking.  He entered a cave, where there were six creatures.  Not children at all, these were weird frog-things.  They had large, bulging eyes, loose necks, wide mouths and webbed fingers.  Yet they had traces of hair on their heads, and their skin, though pale, seemed human.  Sukeribi gripped his training sword, and the monsters cowered.

"Where is the boy?!" Sukeribi demanded in his best Batman growl as he threatened with his wooden sword.  He didn't know that they would understand him, but it didn't hurt to try.
A/E result: "40: Barely succeeds"
"Tell me!" he yelled, and the things cowered even further, huddling together and croaking in quick, short gasps.  Were some of them crying?  One of the creatures began pointing and croaking unintelligibly.  Eventually frustrated, it drew a cross on the floor and circled one arm of it.

"So, near an intersection?" Sukeribi asked, and the thing clapped its webbed hands in confirmation.

Sukeribi considered what to do with these horrors, but he didn't have a proper weapon, and there were a lot of them, and they seemed to be pretty timid.  He carefully backed away, keeping his training sword pointed at them.  "You stay away, you hear?"
Sukeribi wanders a bit, finding several other "rooms" with hints that reveal the history of the well.  In exchange for sacrifices that get turned into frog-men, and then later eaten, the well's "god" enchants the water, granting heath and fertility to the people and the crops.  He also finds a rusty sword.  Eventually, he finds the intersection and approaches the connected chamber.
Sukeribi stepped through the opening to find a horrific sight!  A huge, bloated, frog-thing, larger than a wagon, dripped slime at the rear of the chamber.  Nearby, a larger frog-man stood over a pool of thick, glowing-green goo in which a young boy was completely submerged.

Before Sukeribi could say something to perhaps convince the frog-man to stand down, the frog-god belched an enormous croak, and Sukeribi could feel... "something" trying to crawl into his mind.  He shook it off, but by then the frog-man was already upon him, claws swinging.  Sukeribi desperately tried to fend the creature off.
Combat table!  This is messier.  Here goes.  My goal is simple to disable this frog-man so that I can rescue the boy.  I've used my "Desperate" Trait.  Results: "35" and "39".  Bah!  Same result!  "Unexpected events interrupt the battle."  Hmm.
Sukeribi threw the frog-man off of him, but before he could take more than a few swings, the sound of wet, slapping feet echoed through the entrance to the cave.  The smaller (younger?) frog-boys charged en masse  and threw themselves at the frog-god, clawing and croaking their fury.  The frog-god croaked its mind-bending croak, and the frog-boys fell off of it, stunned!

In the chaos, Sukeribi reached into the green goo and pulled the boy from the pool.  Throwing the child over his shoulders, he desperately ran as quickly as he could for the entrance, hoping that none would stop him.
Let's see, does he?  I consider burning a Conviction.  It's like a trait, but more powerful, and harder to recover.  Instead, I'm going to use my once-per-session "Inspired Moment" to recover "Desperate" and use that instead.  Let's hope it's worth it.  Result: "18" and "68".  Good enough!
Sukeribi ran up to the rope, expecting to feel claws on his back, but looked behind him to find nothing, though he could hear angry croaking and more slapping feet.  How was he going to get back up that rope carrying a child?

Then a voice called down to him from above.  The woman from before held a torch over the well, and was peering down.

"Quickly, tie the rope to him!  I can pull him up!"

Sukeribi did so, and waited far too long for her to slowly crank the boy to the top.  Once the boy was out, the bucket didn't come back down, and he feared that she had betrayed him, but she was just distracted by the boy.  She sent the bucket back down, and he climbed the rope out of the well, narrowly avoiding the claws of the frog-man, now covered in blood and gore, who had finally reached him.

Sukeribi and the woman and the boy escaped the town into the forest.  Now what?


Ok, so that's basically how this works.  My story was weird and poorly written, and I jumped to the end to keep you from getting (more) bored, but in play things would be much more fluid.  Still, you can basically see how this works.

Ĝis la revido!

C;E Jason "Ludanto" Smith

Monday, November 18, 2019

Renegade Scout - Crash Landing

Great Mountain Mercs vs. Stinging Willow Precursors

The Mans

So, the first thing I do is stat up the armies for each side.  Based on the figures that I own, I go with "Mercs" (mercenaries) versus "Precursors" (an "elder" race, like space-elves or something).  I like "unit cards", so I use these, although maybe there's an argument to be made for a simple "roster" layout.  Still, these are kind of pretty.

The Mercs command squad.  Six dudes with rifles, a SAW, and a commander.

A personality.  ahz'Glandi the Thrice-Blessed.  Basically a space-elf witch.

Now, let's see who will be fighting tonight!

A Mullo medium blaster-tank, a basic rifle squad, a support squad with rockets,
and power-armor dudes with assorted heavy weapons.

The command squad, another power-armor squad, and a laser-armed Jackal.
I mean that it's armed with lasers, not that it has lasers for arms.
Like, yeah, they're shoulder-mounted, but their still not "arms".
The arms are tiny, and come out of the face.  See?

A Duxis power-suit with a big honking energy sword, and a support squad
with rockets and grenades and such.

An assault squad with power-axes, ahm'Icantremember the Stoic (commander),
a regular rifle squad, and ahz'Glandi. 

Three hover-speeders.

The Objectives

This is an "Objective" game, not simply a matter of opinion.  Ha!  I kid!  What I mean is that there are Objectives to capture.  That's how you score Victory Points.  The story is that a pod-ship crashed on a backwater planet, and both sides want to know what it's about.  There's some recon to do, and intel to gather, and thus, the Objectives.

The Cargo.  What's in it?  Who knows?  The first side to control the cargo
scores 2 Victory Points, and then the cargo is removed from play.

The Beacon.  This was ejected from the pod, and is now transmitting something.
At the end of every turn, whoever controls the beacon scores one VP.

Recon Point Alpha.  Is there anything else here?  Let's find out! Controlling
this point scores 1 VP, then the point scatters in a random direction.

Recon Point Bravo.  This is another recon point.

Also, I have the attention span of a coked-up squirrel, so this game will only last 4 turns.

Turn 1

The Precursors have a slightly better Intellect, and a much better die roll, and thus start the game with Priority, which means that they go first each phase.

The table is set up like this:

Trying to stay out of line of sight, of course.

Movement Phase

This being a mission about capturing Objectives, there isn't any point in messing around.  Most of the units on both sides give up the opportunity to shoot in order to run double-time instead.  The Precursors move a unit (because they have Priority) and then the Mercs move a unit, and then the Precursors, and so on.

The yellow tokens with the triangle here mean "ran".  Or "runned".
Whatever.  The point is, they moved fast and can't shoot this turn.

Fire Combat Phase

The Precursors still have priority, so they get to select a unit to shoot first.  And then the Mercs, and back and forth like that again.  The thing is, at this point, there aren't a lot of units with line of sight to the enemy.  A few shots are traded, but only the Jackal manages to hurt anything.

There are a handful of special rules for the speeder bikes, but they are in a supplement and I can't be bothered to look them up.  I check later, and while I forgot about their Force-Screens, I also forgot to check to see if I hit the pilot, so I think it evens out.

The Mullo hits here, but doesn't successfully wound the Duxis.
Mostly, this is just a cool angle for a photo.

The Jackal's Heavy Laser doesn't do the trick, but the pilot's Neural-Link
allows him to try again with the Auto Laser.  Sizzle! One of three wounds!

Close Combat Phase

Nothing to see here.

Wyrd Phase

ahz'Glandi the Thrice-Blessed has Wyrd Mastery 3, so she knows three "Wyrds" (i.e. "spells", or "psychic powers").  One, "Etheric Might", is "always on" and just makes her stronger and tougher.  "Mesmerize" gives her a 2/3 chance of paralyzing a target figure.  "Split-Second Sight" lets her warn nearby allies, granting them +1 Armor.  She can cast the latter two every round, but each successful casting causes 1 Strain.  Of course, she loses two Strain at the end of every Wyrd phase, so it really only becomes an issue for higher-level casters, or critical failures.

As an aside, if you can manage to roll box-cars twice, not only do you fail to cast, but the mystical realm overlaps the real world briefly, and everything within 3 inches of the caster (figures, terrain, objectives, the caster, everything) is sucked into the other realm, never to be seen again.  Ouch.  But still awesome. :)

"Split-Second Sight" gives everybody here +1 Armor.
That's 1 Strain there, but it is so not a problem.

Rally Phase

No morale failures yet. Carry on.

Turn 2

Priority changes hands. The Mercs get to go first now.

Movement Phase

The Duxis charges this power-armor squad.
Probably not going to end well for the little blue guys.

Rifle Squad Bravo gets in range of Recon Point Bravo!
I'm just hoping that tank doesn't squish somebody.

The Mullo doesn't squish anybody, but it does manage to
get itself stuck (bogged) on a bit of wall.

And here's where everybody is.  Check out that speeder on the far left.
Those guys are fast!

Fire Combat Phase

First kill!  The Heavy Blasters can't fire, because they're "Slow" and these
guys moved, but the Flame Projector and the Penetrator Grenade Launcher
are quite enough, thank you.  (That burning thing used to be a speeder.)

Revenge is sweet!  The speedy speeder behind enemy lines rolls three dice,
 all 1s, which get rerolled, score a 1, which gets rerolled and scores another 1.  Five hits!

Four of the hits wound, and nobody makes their armor save.
Four blue smears in the dirt!

The Auto Laser on the Jackal takes out another speeder.

Rifle Team Alpha (beside the Jackal) hits with a long shot, and drops
the Precursors' rocket launcher.

The Mullo's auto-slugger drops another Precursor.

At the end of every phase, if a squad loses more than one guy (and hasn't tested already),
they make a morale test.  These guys fail by 1, and are thus "pinned".

Close Combat Phase

Close combat can take a moment, as each fight can have multiple attacks.  The trick is to get the first attack, and kill the other guy.  He might have three attack dice, but he only gets to use them one at a time, so if you can kill him first, he gets to use none of them.

This Merc power-armor survives the Duxis' first hit, misses his own attack,
and then is missed by the Duxis' second attack.  Lucky!

Wyrd Phase

ahz'Glandi refreshes her "Split-Second Sight" Wyrd. [Shrug]  Not super exciting, but at least she doesn't get sucked into the darkness between the stars.

Rally Phase

The pinned guys remained pinned. They'll automatically recover at the end of the next Rally Phase. (I think there might be plans to change how that works in a later update, though.)

End of the Turn

The Mercs have more guys within 2 inches of this Objective than the Precursors,
so they score 1 VP and the Objective moves 5 inches NNW.

Turn 3

Turn 3 goes pretty fast. Priority goes back to the Precursors.

Movement Phase

The Mullo gets over that wall, and Rifle Squad Bravo advances.
That's about it.

Fire Combat Phase

That last speeder finishes off those two remaining pinned Mercs, who can't move out of the way.  The power armor squad fighting the Duxis steels its nerves and pours napalm all over the Duxis and their own guy.  The Merc shakes it off, but the Duxis takes one wound.

Close Combat Phase

Why don't I have a photo of this? The Duxis takes out the power armor that it's fighting and advances on the next nearest power-armor.

Wyrd Phase

ahz'Glandi casts "Split-Second Sight". Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!

Rally Phase


End o' Turn

The Precursors score 2 points for collecting the Cargo.   It doesn't seem fair that I don't have an image for that.  I'm probably biased towards humans.  Somebody call HR.

The Mercs score Recon Point Alpha, which moves 8 inches west.

They also score Recon Point Bravo (which jumps behind them) AND the Beacon!

Turn 4

The Mercs have Priority again. They're also in the lead, points-wise. The Precursors had better try something!

Movement Phase

Mostly, everybody tries to advance on the Objectives.  The Jackal runs in to get the Duxis in its sights, and Rifle Squad Bravo spreads out to try to capture both Objectives again.

The view from the satellite.

Fire Combat Phase

These Precursors try to outflank the power armor, but the power armor just
jumps the wall into cover and guns a couple of the Precursors down.
The Precursors don't fail their morale test, though.

Close Combat Phase

The Precursor Assault Squad... assaults, and to great effect.  They kill two Mercs,
and chop down another as he tries to run.  The rest of the Broken unit flee the table.

One of the guys killed is the Commander, so the power armor guys
Break too, and run away from the slaughter.

Rally Phase

The power armor squad fails to rally, but it doesn't matter, because this is the last turn.

End of Turn

The Mercs score a couple more points, and then it's game over!  The Mercs win, 6 to 2!

And that was my little weekend adventure in the world of Renegade Scout.  It's a pretty fun game.  It has a retro aesthetic, but the rules are still clean and unified.  I hope to play against a real, live opponent in the near future. :)

And the link.  I'm too lazy to bother with "affiliate" stuff, so this is just a link.

Renegade Scout: Bleeding Edge Retro-Gaming

Ĝis la revido!

Jason "Ludanto" Smith C;E