Tuesday, August 4, 2020

TSoY: Maybe it's Me?

Previously, on The Shadow of Yesterday...


"What's going on here?  Where are the minis games?"

I know, I know.  This is just something that I have to get out of my system.  I've got plans for another minis battle report soon.  Maybe next weekend.  My gaming table is my work desk now, so things are more of a hassle to set up.

Anyway, Pedro, outcast member of the Red Company, and his Ratkin sidekick, "Chaser", have shacked up with a clan of bandits in the wilderness, and in a night of drunken camaraderie have agreed to help them knock over a guarded coach carrying valuable cargo.

Scene 1:
(Mythic: Chaos 5)
Pedro, Chaser, and many of the bandits lie in wait in the trees and behind bushes as the coach approches, surrounded by guards, several of which are on horseback.

(Mythic: Are we outnumbered? 50/50 ⇒ No.)
(Mythic: Do the bandits bicker? Likely ⇒ Yes. Random Event: NPC Action - Work Hard + Attention)

A pair of the bandits, brothers, begin shushing each other, and it get out of hand, quickly turning into a slap fight.  Luckily, some of the harder working bandits were ready for this sort of thing, and quickly tackle them both into silence.

Aldo, the head bandit jumps out onto a tree branch over the road.

"Who do you think you are, that you can cross through our forest without paying the toll?!  Do you know who we are?  Why, I'll have you know..."

While Aldo distracts the guards, Chaser ducks between their feet and climbs up into the coach!

(Thievery 2 vs Instinct 1: [ ][ ][ ]+2=2 vs [-][-][-]+1=0 ⇒ Success!)

Unseen by the big folk, Chaser pokes his head into one of the curtained windows.  The back half of the coach is taken up by a large chest!

(Mythic: Is there also a guard inside? Likely ⇒ YES!!)
(Mythic: Does one guard have a shiny, valuable medal of valor? 50/50 ⇒ YES!!)

Sitting in the other half of the coach, distracted by the goings on outside, is not one, but TWO armed guards!  One of which must be important, because his uniform bears a huge, gem-encrusted medal of some sort, a cross shape mounted on a red ribbon, with red and yellow gems embedded.

Chaser can't resist such a prize, and won't be able to pick the lock on this chest anyway, so he creeps forward of soft footpads...

(Thievery 2(-I) vs Instinct 1: [-][-][ ][+]+2=2 vs [ ][ ][+]+1=2 ⇒ Tie!)

Chaser deftly lifts the medal from the man's uniform, and is starting to pull away, when the other guard turns and sees him!  Chaser dives out of the window...

(Mythic: Do the guards chase him? 50/50 ⇒ Yes.)

...and the guards pour out behind him, chasing him around the feet of the other guards as the fight starts!

(Sports 0(-V) vs Sports 1: [-][ ][+][+]+0=2 vs [ ][ ][+]+1=2 ⇒ Tie!) 

While the guards can't catch him, Chaser can't get past them either, and is eventually forced to take shelter under the body of the coach.  Meanwhile, as most of the guards are engaged, Pedro fights his way to the driver's platform.

(Melee 2 vs Melee 1: [ ][+][+]+2=4 vs [-][-][ ]+1=0 ⇒ Success!)

Pedro battles his way up to the coach and leaps aboard, kicking the driver off and to the ground.  "Yahh!"  With a crack of the reins, the coach lunges forward, bouncing over the uneven ground with Chaser clinging to its underside!

(Chaser - Key of The Precious: 1XP)

Scene 2:
(Mythic: Chaos 4)
Later, the bandits drag the large chest into the camp, and Chaser, prominently wearing his new medal, picks the lock.

(Thievery 2: [ ][+][+]+2=4 ⇒ Success!)
(Mythic: Is there a bound captive inside? Unlikely ⇒ No.)
(Mythic: Are there documents inside? V. Likely ⇒ YES!!)

Inside is a bit of a disappointment.  Much of the chest is taken up with little compartments.  While there are some coins and a few trinkets, it's not much.  There is, however, a map and a letter explaining that there's a lost treasure in a mountain ruin.

"We're doing this!" Pedro shouts.  "I need three good men.  We can bring back this treasure in under a week!"

(Pedro - Key of Adventure: 1XP)
(Mythic: Who volunteers?)
(Mythic: Efficiently Exotic)
(Mythic: Swiftly Lavish)
(Mythic: Cheerfully Extravagant)

Ysabel, a quiet woman with face tattoos and a hunting bow.
Baptiste, a dashing bladesman with a fancy hat.
Pino, a gentle giant with a booming laugh and a ridiculously large maul.

"Excellent!  We leave at first light!"

Scene 3:
(Mythic: Chaos 3)
That night, Chaser wakes to a shadowy form stealing his new medal!

"Raaaarh!  Noooooo!"

(Brawl 0 vs Brawl 1: [-][-][+]+0=0 vs [ ][ ][ ]+1=1 ⇒ Fail!)

Chaser dives at the thief, but is summarily smacked across the room!
"Gahhh! MIIINE!!"
Chaser does a parkour run, bounding off of nearby ruins, leaping through the air at the villain...

(Extended Conflict!)
(Brawl 0 vs Brawl 1: [-][-][ ][ ]+0=0 vs [-][-][+]+1=0 ⇒ Tie!)
(Both must spend Vigor to continue!  Chaser has no Vigor!  Fail!)

...who ducks at the last moment, sending Chaser crashing into a neighboring tent apparently full of bells and frying pans.  When Chaser untangles himself from the mess, the thief is gone!


Everybody in the camp wakes up from the ruckus.  As Chaser squeals with incoherent rage, Pedro asks if anybody saw anything.

(Mythic: Did anybody see anything? Unlikely ⇒ NO!!)

Nobody saw anything, and Aldo seems offended.

"Nobody in our camp would steal from one of our own, and that now includes you!  If something did happen to its trinket, it would have to be an outsider, probably those Khaleans!"

(Mythic: Does Chaser accept this answer? Unlikely ⇒ No.)

Chaser continues to freak out, scurrying from bedroll to bedroll, digging through people's belongings.  Pedro follows him, trying to talk him down.

"Come on, buddy, you're going to get us kicked out.  Maybe we'll find it later.  Or maybe we'll find another one sometime."

(Speak 0(-R) vs Resist 1: [-][-][ ][ ]+0=0 vs [-][ ][+]+1=1 ⇒ Fail!)

Chaser hisses like an animal.  "NO! IS MINE!"

The bandits begin to gather, and fearing for Chaser's safety, Pedro decides to take action, tackling the Ratkin.

(Brawl 1 vs Brawl 0: [-][ ][+]+1=1 vs [-][-][+]=0 ⇒ Success!)

Pedro manages to pin the struggling Ratkin until his rage passes and he collapses with exhaustion.  But the look of betrayal that he gives Pedro is withering.

Scene 4:
(Mythic: Chaos 4)
As five adventurers travel the wilderness, Chaser continues to sulk.  Ahead, they hear the roar of rushing water, they come upon a big waterfall pouring out of the mouth of a great stone head.  It's the first landmark on the map!  A strange moaning sound can be heard coming from the stone head, barely audible over the sound of the water.

(Mythic: Can we cross the water safely? 50/50 ⇒ No.)

The water in the river is fast and deep.  It looks like they'll need to climb behind the waterfall.

"Wait here," Pedro says.  "I'm going to look into those moaning eye-holes."

(Sports 1: [ ][ ][+]+1=2 ⇒ Success!)
(Mythic: Something dangerous in there? Likely ⇒ Yes.)

Pedro scales the waterfall, and climbs up onto the stone face.  When he gets to the eye-holes, he peers inside and nearly loses his grip as a swarm of literally blood-thirsty owl-bats swarm out and surround him, hooting their eerie hoots!

Pedro pulls his sword and begins swinging awkwardly.  Down below, the others shout in concern, except for Chaser who stomps off to sit on a log and wait.  Ysabel tries shooting a few arrows at the swarm.

(Pedro - Key of Adventure: 2XP)
(Brawl 1(-V) vs Brawl 1: [-][-][ ][ ]+1=0 vs [-][-][+]+1=0⇒ Tie!)

Pedro manages to kill or drive off most of the vampiric vermin, but one does drive its needle-like beak into his back, where he can't reach it.

(Pedro takes Harm 1)
(Mythic: Any treasure in there? Very Unlikely ⇒ No.)

Pedro finishes his climb across the face of the waterfall and down the other side.  Once there, Pino throws him a rope so that he can tie it off and the others can use it to cross safely.  Once everyone is together, the surprisingly gentle Pino tries to remove the owl-bat from Pedro's back.

(Housework 1 in support of Endure 2: [-][-][+]+1=0 ⇒ [-][-][-][-]+2=0 ⇒ Fail!)
(Pedro takes Harm 1, which rolls up to Harm 2)
(Pedro spends 1 Vigor to remove Harm 1)

Scene 5:
(Mythic: Chaos 5)
The party makes camp, chatting around the campfire, except for Chaser, who continues to sulk alone.  Pedro and Pino arm wrestle.  Bets are taken.  Pedro loses, obviously.

Later that evening, as they prepare to sleep, Pedro thinks he sees Baptiste pull something very shiny from his pack.  Was that Chaser's medal?

(Pedro refreshes Vigor)

Scene 6:
(Mythic: Chaos 6)
The next day, the party come to ravine.  The only way across is a long, rickety rope bridge that sways in the high winds.  Heeding the call to adventure, Pedro bravely takes the lead, with the others following carefully behind him.

(Mythic: Does somebody get blown off of the bridge? 50/50 ⇒ Yes.)
(Random Event: Move Toward Thread [Find Stolen Medal] ⇒ Betray + Lies)

The wind picks up and everybody tries to hold on!  The boards creak, and one gives way under Pino's weight!  He falls through, and is left hanging by one meaty hand over the misty river far below!  Everyone rushes to Pino's aid, and Baptiste reaches into his pack for some rope, when Chaser sees the medal in his pack!  Chaser loses it, and leaps on the thieving dandy, grabbing the medal, but Baptiste is too quick for him, and soon he has the Ratkin struggling over the edge of the bridge!

Pedro sees this, but there's no time!  He looks between the gentle giant and his long-time companion.


(Brawl 1 vs Brawl 1(-V): [ ][ ][+]+1=2 vs [-][-][ ][+]+1=1 ⇒ Success!)

Making his decision, Pedro turns and elbow-smashes the fop in his face while grabbing Chaser!

(Mythic: Can Ysabel save Pino alone? Unlikely ⇒ Nooooooooo!. QQ)
(Mythic: Does Ysabel blame Pedro? Very Likely ⇒ Yes.)

Poor little Ysabel can't hold onto the huge man, and he slips from her grasp, plummeting silently into the roaring mists below!  She screams in sorrow, and then in anger, seemingly a first for the quiet woman.  She pulls her bow and fires a shot at Pedro, but the wind quickly takes it.  She continues to stalk toward him, drawing her blade.  Pedro tries to backpedal, but Baptiste grabs his legs from his position on the floor of the bridge...

(Chaser Brawl 0 Supporting Pedro: [ ][ ][+]+0=1 ⇒ 1 Bonus Die!)
(Baptiste Brawl 1 Supporting Ysabel: [-][ ][ ]+1=0 ⇒ 1 Penalty Die!)
(Sports 1 vs Brawl 0: [ ][+][+][+]+1=4 vs [+][+][+][ ]+0=2 ⇒ Success!)

Baptiste grabs at Pedro's legs, but Chaser bites his hand!  The man screams in pain and lets go!  Pedro ducks a swing by Ysabel and stumbles backwards before breaking into as much of a run as he can while trying to not fall off of a swaying rope bridge!  Ysabel tries to clamber over the supine Baptiste, but they get in each other's way.  Soon, Pedro and Chaser are on the other side.  They briefly consider cutting the rope, but there's not time, because Ysabel and Baptiste are coming quickly!  Pedro and Chaser turn and flee into the forest.

Later, hiding behind a fallen log as their pursuers pass, the pair catch their breath.

Pedro looks at the medal clutched in Chaser's claws.

"Hey," he starts.  "Chaser, I... I don't..."

Chaser holds up a single claw, not looking at him.  Then he stands and holds the medal up to Pedro's face, accusingly.

"Friend Pedro hurted Chaser's heart. Friend Pedro is bad friend."


"But Friend Pedro is still friend."

Chaser puts the medal into Pedro's hand and closes his fingers around it.

"Chaser, buddy, I..."

"No", Chaser interrupts, "Still hurts. Maybe sun-up.  Sleep now."

Chaser turns to leave, but then stops and snatches back the medal.

"Still hurts," the Ratkin says, solemnly.

(Pedro - Key of Adventure: 2XP)
(Chaser - Key of Cheese: 10XP Buyoff)
(With this dramatic, genuine moment, Chaser loses the Key of Cheese.  He can still act like a cartoon mouse, but can never again get XP for it).
(Chaser gains two Advances.  Pedro gains one.)
(Chaser buys Brawl 1.  He's gotten into a lot of scraps lately.)
(Chaser buys Key of Relation (Pedro). His story will be more about their relationship now.)
(Pedro saves his Advance for later.)

Well, that was pretty interesting and seemed like a bit of an arc.  I might be able to call this quits for a little while.  There's still more adventure to be had, though.  Heck, they're in the middle of one right now.
Also, I'm starting to think that Pedro might have brought this whole outcast status onto himself.  He keeps pissing everybody off.

Pedro and his rat-man companion help some friendly forest bandits steal a treasure chest.  Inside they find a treasure map.  Three awesome bandits join them to go find that treasure.  Somebody steals a medal from the rat-man, but Pedro doesn't take his side.  Rat-man sulks.  Pedro climbs a waterfall and is attacked by blood-sucking owl-bats.  They try to cross a rope bridge over a ravine, but the big, friendly bandit falls through.  Meanwhile, the rat-man finds his stolen medal on the foppish bandit and they fight.  Pedro chooses to help the rat-man, and the big man falls to his death(?).  The other bandits turn on Pedro, and they flee.  The rat-man forgives Pedro, but the relationship has changed.  It seems more serious and less cartoon sidekick now. The end(?)

Ĝis la revido!"

Jason "Ludanto" Smith C;E

Sunday, July 19, 2020

TSoY: Some of My Best Friends Are Thieves

Another RPG recounting?  Is this what I'm doing now?  I don't know.  It's kind of neat in the moment, and it's a chance to try these games that I'll probably never see in action otherwise.

This is another "adventure" set in the World of Near.  In the previous adventure, Pedro "The Butcher" Vina was hurt pretty badly, and wandered off into the forest, losing track of his ratkin companion, "Chaser", who was last seen trapped in a hallway with approaching soldiers.
I decided that, if this were a TV show, the next episode would pick up from Chaser's point of view, so that's what I did!
I used the Mythic GM Emulator as a "Game Master" last time, but I have since purchased a Mythic GM Emulator Deck, which is a card deck that compiles pretty much everything you need into a single deck of cards. It also has a couple of features that weren't in the book.

It took a little figuring out, and at first I thought there was a problem with the random distribution, but it turns out that I was mistaken.  There is a thing, though, when shuffling the cards, where they want you to turn half of the deck around in order to randomize the orientation as well.  Magic the Gathering (and other card games) have trained me to always keep the orientation the same.  Going against that instinct has been taking a bit of conscious effort on my part. :)

Scene 1:
(Mythic: Chaos 5)
Friend Pedro shouts, and Chaser dives through the door, away from the monster and back into the hall.  But Pedro didn't make it out!  The door slams shut, and Chaser can hear the sounds of fighting from behind it.  He scratches at the latch desperately, but the portal is stuck fast.

Soon, he hears the clatter of armed men charging up the stairs behind him.  He instinctively ducks into the shadows.

(-6 Instinct [Secret of Rat-Stealth])
(If he doesn't draw attention to himself, he can automatically hide from humans for 1 Instinct each.)

It feels like forever, trapped in that corner, but eventually he finds an opening and scurries out of the tower.  As he waits, he sees the men lead the bound monster away.  When they're gone, he finally searches for Friend Pedro, but finds only the injured man's bloody hand-prints on the side of thee building.

Scene 2:
(Mythic: Chaos 4)
Chaser follows Friend Pedro's trail through the woods, and eventually he wanders into a group of strangers armed with spears.

(Mythic: Do they have Pedro?  Unlikely.  No.)

But maybe they know something.  Chaser hides behind a tree and calls out, "Hello, Human-Friends! Chaser looks for Friend Pedro!  Haz you seed Friend Pedro?"

(Mythic: How do they react? "Trick Food")

"Yes, we might have seen somebody," one of the men calls back.  "Come, join us and we can have a bite to eat and talk about it!"  The stranger pulls out a small wheel of cheese and waggles it before him.

Little hearts pop up over Chaser's eyes, and he approaches the men, outstretched claws grabbing greedily.

(Key of Cheese: 1XP)

When he gets close, the strangers grab him!

(Brawl vs Brawl: Success!)

They quickly pin Chaser to the ground.  He actually manages to get the cheese for a moment, but soon he is bound and muzzled...

Scene 3:
(Mythic: Chaos 5 - Interrupt Scene - "Move Adversities")
The strangers drag Chaser through the woods to who knows where.  He glares at them, but they seem unimpressed.  Suddenly, other people burst from the underbrush, attacking the strangers!  Caught off guard, the strangers don't fight, but instead grab up Chaser and run through the forest!

(Mythic: Do the attackers catch them?  50/50.  No.)

With his hope of rescue (or whatever) falling behind, Chaser takes advantage of the distraction to try to escape his captors!

(Brawl vs Brawl - Chaser spends 1 Vigor: Fail!)

Chaser kicks and bites and scratches at the man holding him, and for a moment, it looks like he's broken free of the human's grasp, when a spear-butt bashes him in the head and he falls unconscious.

Scene 4:
(Mythic: Chaos 6 - Altered Scene)
Chaser wakes up, tied to a stake in an armed settlement camp.

(Mythic: Is Pedro also a prisoner?  Likely. Yes.)

Chaser looks to his left, and as his eyes focus, he can see Friend Pedro tied to the stake next to him.

"Hey, buddy," he says with a groan.  "Welcome back!"

(Mythic: Are the Rats still with Chaser?  Very Likely. Yes.)

Chaser grins and then begins whispering to the Rats.  Soon, the two rodents are chewing their way through Chaser's and Friend Pedro's bonds.

(Mythic: Is there a guard?  Likely. Yes.)

Meanwhile, the two whisper out a plan, and soon, Chaser is calling to the guard in pained whispers, luring him into range as Friend Pedro gathers his strength for an attack!

(Deceit vs React: Fail!)
(Brawl vs Brawl: Fail!)

The guard takes a couple of steps forward, but then becomes suspicious and turns to see Friend Pedro just in time to side-step and take a swing at him!

(Extended Conflict!  Knock Out Guard vs Raise the Alarm)
(Chaser - Opposed Brawl for Dice: 0)
(Pedro - Opposed Brawl for Harm: 0)
(Guard - Opposed Brawl for Harm: 4!)
(Pedro and Chaser take Harm 4! Nooo!)

Chaser tackles the guard's legs, trying to trip him up for Friend Pedro, but gets kicked across the clearing instead, leaving the guard free to elbow Friend Pedro hard in the face, stunning him!  The guard backpedals and shouts out an alarm!  "Help!  The prisoners are escaping!"

(Screw it! New plan! Run!)
(Pedro - Sport vs Sport: Success!)
(Chaser - Sport vs Sport: Tie!)

Friend Pedro turns and dashes across the camp, ducking a few men that try to intercept him before he can disappear into the forest!  Unfortunately, Chaser finds himself cut off!  As the guard comes up behind him, he dives inside a nearby tent, and then out the other side, trying to find a place to hide.

(Chaser spends a point of Instinct)
(Thievery vs React: Success!)

Chaser manages to wriggle under a log pile and out of sight of his pursuers.  Eventually, they give up, and he's able to slink out of the camp.

(Mythic: Can he find Pedro in the woods? Likely. Yes.)

He finds Pedro waiting for him.

"Well, buddy, I guess we're doing this the hard way", he says with a pained sigh.  "There's no way we're getting back in there to get our stuff."

Chaser looks like he's about to cry.

"I know, buddy," Pedro says.  "I guess we'd better get going.  Maybe we can find something to eat on the way."

(Woodcraft: Success!)

Scene 5:
(Mythic: Chaos 7 - Interrupt Scene - "PC Negative - Struggle of a Burden")
A few days later, Pedro can't keep up.  His hunger and his wounds are too much.

"Sorry, buddy," he coughs.  "You'll have to go on without me."

Chaser's whiskers tremble, and his eyes grow hard.  Licking his paws and rubbing them together, he grabs Pedro and lifts him to one knee.  It's an awkward series of lift, push, drag, lift, push, drag.

(Endure: Success!)

Chaser manages to keep this up for nearly an hour before Pedro finally stops him.

"Fine!  You've made your point!" Pedro says with an eye-roll, and then he struggles to his feet against a tree and the two continue their journey.

Scene 6:
(Mythic: Chaos 6 - Altered Scene)
(Refreshment Scene)
Some time later, the pair stumble, exhausted, upon a family of farmers outlaws bickering as they go about their chores.  They're understandably cautious.

(Storytell: Success!)

Chaser recounts their adventure thus far, and the family, who have had run-ins with the strangers and the Red Company as well, take them in.  Over the next few days, Pedro teaches some of the young men some melee techniques, and Chaser continues to entertain with his rodentine antics.

(Key of Outcast: 1XP for Pedro)
(Key of Cheese: 2XP for Chaser)
(Mythic: Does the family know the strangers? 50/50/ Extreme Yes!)

The family tell of the Khalean rivals who often attack them, claiming that this is their territory, and how they had nearly caught several of them a few days ago.  Chaser, Pedro and the family become friends and there are several nights of drunken revelry, and on one such night, Pedro agrees to help the family knock over a merchant caravan.

What have they gotten themselves into now?

(Both Chaser and Pedro refresh Vigor and Instinct Pools.)
(Pedro spend 3 Vigor to heal Harm 1 and Harm 2.)
(Chaser spends 1 Vigor to heal Harm 1.)

Is This Even Worth It?
I don't know.  Maybe?  It's certainly an exercise of the RPG muscles.  A few more of these, and maybe I could even run a real game again.  I'm thinking that this particular game could use a little preparatory work, though, in order to better enable meaningful choices and hitting those Keys.  I'll have to think about that before next time, assuming that I play the same game.  I'm considering trying something with Cosmic Patrol/SR:Anarchy/MW:Destiny.

The rat-man side-kick got separated from his boss, failed to track him down in the woods, got captured.  Boss was there (also captured).  They escaped, but hurt and unprepared.  Then they stumbled onto some friendly outlaws, got drunk and agreed to pull a job with them.

Pedro earned 1XP and Chaser earned 3XP, which grants him an Advance.
Considering the physically demanding events they've gone through recently, both spend their Advance to upgrade their Vigor Pools by one.

And that seems like a good stopping point.  I've got to work tomorrow.

Ĝis la revido!

Jason "Ludanto" Smith C;E

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

TSoY: The Thing in the Tower

I used to be all about the RPGs, but at some point I lost my knack for them.  I might (maybe) be an OK GM, but I am just awful as a player.  Still, I like RPGs and I own a bunch that I've never played (which I'm sure you guys can relate to), so I decided to try the whole "Solo RPG" thing which for some reason feels really new.  I don't know.

First, the game I'm playing is "The Shadow of Yesterday", or rather "Solar System" using the "World of Near" supplement.  I honestly don't know how best to describe the system, but it seems pretty fascinating to me, and the setting is kind of cool, too.

In a nutshell, it's a fantasy world 100 years after a near miss from an asteroid ripped off a chunk of the planet to create the moon.  The world (especially the formerly great kingdom of Maldor) has a bit of a fantasy post-apocalypse vibe.

The system is basically 3dF (Fudge or Fate dice) plus a skill bonus vs. a target of 0 or in an opposed roll.  Also, each character has "Keys" which are specific things they can do to earn XP, and they  form little character arcs if used correctly.

The main "solo" tool I'm using is the "Mythic Gamemaster Emulator" which has a system to guide and inspire and to mix things up so you don't always know what's going to happen.

My character is Pedro "The Butcher" Vina.  He's a former soldier, driven out of his unit (The Red Company) for crimes he didn't commit.  He now spends his time treasure-hunting in the ruins of old Maldor.  With him is his NPC companion, a Ratkin (a kind of short rat-man) he nicknamed "Chaser", and Chaser's two litter-mates, who are actual rat-rats.

Pedro is a skilled swordsman with Keys that give him XP when he adventures, and when he interacts with the group that cast him out.  He's also got a technique that gives him an edge when fighting with a shield.

Chaser is an accomplished thief (although he doesn't quite understand this whole "ownership" thing) who gets XP when he steals things or when he goes for comedic, cheese-related antics.  He can talk to rats and is almost supernaturally good at hiding from humans.

Enough setup.  Let's start!

I'll try to keep this short, because I can tell that you're bored already.

Scene 1:
(Mythic: Chaos 5 - "The Rats Heal Hope")
It's been a long day of scrounging through the fallen columns and shattered buildings that can be found all over Maldor, and unfortunately, Pedro and Chaser have nothing to show for it.  As a gentle rain begins to fall, Pedro has given up hope, and decides to call it a day.

"That's it, my friend.  It looks like stone soup again tonight.  Maybe we'll have better luck tomorrow."

He wipes the rain from his eyes and looks down to see one of the Rats with a rectangular gold coin in its teeth.

"Hey, you!  Rat!  Come back here!  Where did you find that?!"

(Mythic: Is the path blocked?  Likely.  Yes.)

Pedro runs after the Rat, passing Chaser who falls in behind him.  Eventually, the Rat ducks into the shadows beneath a fallen pillar.

(Mythic: Is there room to squeeze through?  50/50. Yes.)

Pedro thrusts a torch into the darkness that seems to swallow the light.  The opening isn't very wide, but he thinks he can get in.

"Here, hold my pack while I squeeze through," he says as he pulls off his pack.  Seeing Chaser's greedy little claws flexing in excitement, he reconsiders.  "Nevermind.  I'll just push it through first."

Pedro enters a collapsed hallway, following it to its end where the Rat waits near a loose pile of scattered gold coins.

(Mythic: Any other loot here?  Unlikely.  No.)

"Well, that's something, at least!  It looks like you've earned yourself some quality scraps tonight!" Pedro says with a laugh.  "Let's head back to town!"

Scene 2:
(Mythic: Chaos 4 - Standard Scene)
As Pedro and Chaser are gathering their gear to leave, they notice people moving in the ruins.  It's the Red Company.  It sounds like they're looking for somebody!  Pedro gestures for Chaser to follow as he tries to sneak closer and find out what's happening.

(Thievery: Fail!)

They sneak closer, avoiding detection, until they round a corner and stumble upon a guard taking a leak behind a tree, who scrabbles for his sword.

"You!  Betrayer!" the man curses.  "How dare you show yourself here!  You should have stayed dead!"  Without looking away, he shouts, "He's here!  The Butcher is here!"

(Key of the Outcast: 2XP)

Pedro and Chaser flee, with several of the Red Company in pursuit.

(Sports vs Sports: Success!)

Pedro dashes through the ruins, leaping pits and climbing walls until he gets enough of a lead that he can hide as the guards run past him.

(Mythic: Does Chaser keep up? Somewhat Unlikely. Yes.)

The pair hide in the shadows of a collapsed wall and wait out the search.  Eventually, they see Francisco, Pedro's betrayer and now the head of Red Company, leading a prisoner away in chains.

Scene 3
(Mythic: Chaos 5 - Interrupt Scene)
Pedro and Chaser hatch a plan to rescue the prisoner.  They don't know who it is, but whatever Francisco wants can't be good.  They split up, with Pedro planning to create a diversion, when suddenly, with a stroke of thunder, the gentle rain turns into a downpour!  Somewhere nearby, lightning strikes a tree, and there are cries and whinnies of alarm.  It's nearly impossible to see past the tip of Pedro's sword!  Cursing his luck, Pedro tries to find Chaser in the pouring rain.

(Woodcraft: Success!)

Having spent quite some time in the outdoors, Pedro is familiar with navigating in bad weather, and it's not long before he finds Chaser under a ruined overhang.

"Come on, then," Pedro sighs,  "I guess this isn't happening.  Let's go someplace dry and spend my money."

Chaser gives him a particularly squinty look.

"Fine!" he says with an eye roll, "OUR money."

Scene 4
(Mythic: Chaos 4 - Normal Scene)
Pedro and Chaser (and the Rats in Chaser's sack) go to the nearest town to purchase supplies and buy drinks to loosen tongues as they ask around about Francisco and the Red Company.

(Barter: Fail)
(Charm: Fail)

Unfortunately, he runs out of money too soon and has a lot of explaining to do, and nobody is willing to share anything about why the Red Company might be out here.  Also, they drew the wrong kind of attention, and as they're leaving a tavern, a pair of thugs corner them in an alley.

"Yer comin' wit' us!" one of them growls, smacking a club into his palm.  "The boss wants ta see ya.  Don't make no trouble fer yerselfs, ya hear?"

Pedro draws his sword, and Chaser pulls a dagger that certainly doesn't belong to him, as the thugs attack!

(Melee vs Brawl: Success!)
(Chaser Brawl vs Brawl: Fail!)

Pedro handily dispatches his attacker (without killing him), and turns around to find the other thug with the Ratkin's own dagger at the Ratkin's neck.

"Give up, or the vermin gets it!" he threatens.

Pedro glares, and then drops his sword.  He feels a sharp pain at the back of his head, and everything goes black!

Scene 5
(Mythic: Chaos 5 - Altered Scene)
Pedro awakens to water in the face.  He's in a chair, but surprisingly, not tied to it.  Before him sit the boss seven shadowy figures in hoods, with silver moon pendants.  Surely these are deranged moon cultists!

"We've heard of you, Butcher," says one cultist.  "The Red Company is tasked with retrieving a powerful artifact, a weapon, in fact," says another.  "They have captured a scholar who they think can lead them to it," says another still.  "We know of your reputation, Butcher.  You're resourceful and violent," they say, continuing to take turns speaking.  "Steal this artifact from them, or acquire it first, and you will be richly rewarded!"

(Key of the Outcast: 1XP)

"And if I don't, you'll kill my Ratkin friend, right?"

The seven cultists look to one another under their hoods for a moment, before the one in the center speaks.  "What?  No!  Carlos!"

A door opens behind Pedro, and Chaser waddles in happily tearing into a large wheel of cheese.

(Key of Cheese: 1XP for Chaser)

"We're not monsters!" he whispers indignantly, though Pedro still suspects that they might be.

Soon, he and Chaser are riding north toward Khale on a borrowed horse, following the Red Company's trail.

(Key of Adventure: 1XP)

Scene 6
(Mythic: Chaos 4 - Interrupt Scene - "PC Negative Kill Inside")
After riding for most of the day, the pair make camp in a mostly intact ruin.
Pedro suddenly awakens to a crazed hermit trying to murder him!  He barely rolls out of the way of the dagger aimed at his face!

(Brawl vs Brawl: Success!)

He elbows the maniac in the neck and pins him to the ground!

"Git outta mah house!" the filthy man yells, into Pedro's face, vile breath making him want to retch.

Pedro head-butts the old man into unconsciousness before packing up to leave.

(Mythic: Anything valuable here?  Unlikely.  Strong Yes.)

Before they leave, they root around the old man's possessions.  It's mostly insane scribbles on old parchment, but there's also what looks like maps of some of the ruins, as well as a dagger made of a flat black metal!

(Resist vs Charm: Fail!)

Chaser wants it, and after a bit of adorable nagging, Pedro gives in and hands it to him.

(Key of The Precious: 1XP for Chaser)

Scene 7
(Mythic: Chaos 3 - Altered Scene)
Pedro and Chaser catch up to Red Company at a ruined strangely pristine tower hidden in the woods.  Several guards stand watch as Francisco, the prisoner, and the rest of the Company head inside.

(Mythic: Is there a back window to climb to?  Somewhat Likely. Yes.)

Pedro and Chaser maneuver around back, and Pedro climbs to the open window.  The stones lack the cracks and other handholds one would expect from an old tower, but the edges of the stones aren't worn with age,either.

(Sport: Success!)
(Mythic: Is it a ruined alchemist's lab? 50/50. Yes.)

Pedro climbs in and looks around.  In the dim light he can see what looks like a wizard's laboratory, although most of the items there are smashed and broken.  Soon, he ties a rope to the leg of a desk and drops it down for Chaser, who scurries up as one does.

(Mythic: Was the lab wrecked by a monster? 50/50. Yes.)

As his eyes adjust, Pedro notices the deep claw marks in the stone and the furniture.  Some sort of beast had lain waste to this room.  Nothing to be done for it now but to be careful.  Pedro cautiously opens the door and steps out into the hall.

(Mythic: Is Francisco approaching? Likely. Yes.)

Pedro and Chaser can hear the sound of voices and armored boots from the stairs below.  They rush to the top, where anything valuable is likely to be stored.  At the top of the stairs is an ornate door.

(Mythic: Is it locked? Likely. Yes.)

"Well, of course!" Pedro says with a curse.  "Chaser, can you...?"

But the Ratkin is already picking away at the lock.

(Thievery: Success!)

Chaser deftly picks the lock with time to spare, and the duo duck into the room.  Inside...

(Mythic: Is it some kind of arcane machine? Unlikely. No.)
(Mythic: Is it a glowing sword?  50/50. No.)
(Mythic: Is it some kind of monster? 50/50. Yes.)
(Mythic: Is it still alive? Unlikely. Yes. Also, random event!)
(Mythic: Random Event - "Move Away from Thread" - "Overindulge Inside")

It's some kind of dragon!  The room looks like it once contained furniture, but bits and scraps are all that remain.  Did the dragon eat it all?  Pedro scans the room, and when he looks back at the beast, it's looking back at him as well!  With a hungry growl, it leaps upon him, eager to sate its ancient hunger!  Chaser and Pedro dive for the door!

(Key of Adventure: 2XP)
(React vs Brawl: Fail!)
(Pedro is eaten...)
(Pedro invokes the Extended Conflict rules [aka "Bring Down the Pain]!)

Chaser jumps through the doorway and onto the stairs, but the dragon barely misses Pedro, instead smashing into the door and slamming it shut!  Pedro staggers to his feet and looks around.  He reaches for his sword, but the dragon's steely hide is clearly more than a match for his simple weapon.

(Mythic: Is there a roof access? Likely. Strong Yes!)

At the back of the room is another set of stone stairs leading to a hatch at the top.  An open hatch!  Pedro makes a rolling dive under the dragon's snapping teeth!

(Opposed Sport for Harm vs Brawl for Harm: Fail! Suffer 4 Harm)

As he comes out of his roll, the dragon sinks its teeth into his leg and throws him across the room into the far wall like a puppy's chew toy!  Pulling himself to his feet, Pedro takes his shield from his back and readies his sword before lunging at the dragon.  He may not be able to kill this thing, but it doesn't know that, and maybe he can at least stun it.

(Opposed Melee for Dice vs Brawl for Harm: Success! 4 Bonus Dice)

With a furious series of sword blows and shield bashes, Pedro drives the beast back, leaving him an opening to run for the stairs to the roof!

(Opposed Sport for Harm vs Brawl for Harm: Fail! 1 Harm)

With a final shield bash, he sprints for the stairs, but his legs fly out from under him as the dragon's tail whips around!  Despite having the wind knocked out of him, Pedro rolls to his feet unsteadily and tries again to fight off the dragon.

(Opposed Melee for Dice vs Brawl for Harm: Fail! 3 Harm)

But he slips in his own blood, losing his balance.  His shield goes wide, and the monster claws at his midsection!

(Opposed Sport for Harm vs Brawl for Harm: Fail! 1 Harm)

He tries to get to his feet once more, but the dragon slams him to the ground with one mighty claw!  Pedro's ears ring, and he can taste coppers on his tongue.

(Opposed Melee for Dice vs. Brawl for Harm: Success! 2 Bonus Dice)

Pedro digs deep, pulling from the reserves of his vigor, and smashes the beast in the nose with his shield before struggling to his feet and stabbing at its eyes, putting it on the defensive.

(Opposed Sport for Harm vs Brawl for Harm: Success! 4 Harm!)
(Mythic: Does the dragon relent?  Unlikely. Yes. Also random event)
(Mythic: Random Event - "PC Negative" - "Attract Success")

Ignoring the fire in his leg and his chest, Pedro clumsily runs for the stairs, mounting them on all fours and diving through the hole, barely able to roll away in time as the snapping jaws of the dragon follow him.  But he's now safely out of reach.  On top of a tower.

Soon, Pedro can hear the sound of the Red Company kicking in the door, chaining and restraining the dragon who's head is currently trapped in the trapdoor.  He can't stay here.  If they catch him.  But what happened to Chaser?  He scans the rooftop...

(Mythic: Is there rope up here I can use to climb down? Very Unlikely. No)

As the dragon is being pulled back into the tower, Pedro makes a decision.  With a prayer to no one in particular, he climbs over the edge of the tower, and starts to descend.

(Sport: Success!)

Leaving bloody hand-prints down the side of the tower, Pedro escapes into the woods.

(Mythic: Does Chaser find him? Unlikely. No.)
(Housework: Success! Heals 1 Harm.)
(Spends 2 Vigor to heal another Harm.)

Injured and alone in the woods, Pedro does his best to bind his wounds, and then falls unconscious while trying to think of what to do next.

End of Session

Well, so much for short...
So, things started off slowly, but got pretty rough at the end.  Pedro is out of Instinct and Vigor, has Harm 3 and 4, has lost his buddy, and is generally in a bad way.  He did earn enough XP to buy an Advance, but I don't know what to use it on.  I could get a new Key, like "Revenge", but that doesn't feel quite right.  I guess I'll just hold onto it for now.

Did you actually read all of this?  I wouldn't have.  But that's me.

This was a solo RPG using Mythic and The Shadow of Yesterday.
An ex-soldier and his rat-man buddy get mugged by some cultists and hired to steal a super-weapon from an ancient tower before his former military unit, now his enemies, can get it.  Unfortunately, the weapon is alive and nearly kills him, and in trying to escape it, he actually made it easier for his enemies to capture it.  Also, he's misplaced his rat-man buddy.  He did "level", but I don't know what to spend it on.

Ĝis la revido!"

Jason "Ludanto" Smith C;E

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Knyghte, Pyke and Sworde

Mud and Blood!

Nordic Weasel Games came out with Knyghte, Pyke & Sworde a few months ago(?) (Has it been months?  Stupid Eternal Thursday Virus!) But I hadn't gotten around to playing it because I couldn't get to a printer to print it out, and honestly, my collection of "historical" type minis is sparse.

Eventually, though, I painted up barely enough guys to get a tiny little game going, and just took things slow so I could read the game from my phone.

And of course I'm glad I did.  I'm more of a sci-fi gi, but I'll bet a big game of this would be fun.  Maybe one of my friends will have a couple of good-sized era-appropriate armies to bash together.  (Or I'll just have to paint a lot more guys.)

Ye Setup

I played a "Saga" battle, which as far as I can tell just means it's not an "Objective" battle. The Objective battles look cool, though, in that they're semi-random, and each side gets their own objective.  But I wanted to keep things simple for my first game.

Not too simple, though, so instead of just murdering each other for 5 turns, I went with "Fight for the Hill", although the "hill" in this instance will be that tower in the middle.  The goal is to have more guys near the tower at the end of Turn 6.

Gotta get that sweet tower onto the table once in a while.

Now let's meet our teams.
On the left, we have the Red Team, with a Group of three Missile troops, a Scout, a Captain, and a Group of three Shield Troops.

The Red Captain is green.

On the right, we have the Blue Team.
And it's the same thing.  Shield Group, Scout, Captain, Missile.  They didn't have to be mirror images like this, but again, I was trying to keep things simple for my first game.

The Blue Captain is yellow.

Each Captain (in a pickup game such as this) rolls 2d6, keeping the highest die as a pool of Charisma points.  These can be used to spur figures under their command to further action.  If their Charisma starts at 6 or more, they can spend two Charisma per turn instead of just one!

The Blue Captain rolls 6 Charisma for this battle.  The Red Captain rolls 5.

Turn 1

The Blue Team wins initiative.

Just roll off.  1d6 vs 1d6.  High roll goes first.

Starting with the first player, each activates one of his units and either Moves, Engages, Shoots, or Runs.  With nobody in line of sight, the first turn is just spent advancing via standard Move.  They probably should have Run, but I guess they weren't really that interested in securing this tower before their first cup of coffee.

Red advances desultorily cautiously.

Blue advances slowly as they finish their Egg McMuffins.

Turn 2

Blue Team wins initiative again.

Red Captain spends a point of Charisma to have one of the Missile troops behind the wall take a long shot at the enemy Missile Group in the woods, but misses.  Everybody else just basically moves up.

Don't want to die with unspent Charisma, do you? </foreshadowing>

Turn 3

Blue Team wins initiative again.  Clearly the dice are in the pocket of "Big Blue".

Now for the first real attack.  The Blue Missiles shoot at the Red Captain, but fail.  In return, the Red Missiles shoot back at the Blue Missiles, but it's just a waste of ammunition.  Speaking of, each Missile Group only has three "volleys" of arrows for the game.  I actually forgot about this and had to go back and count.  Luckily I was taking notes.  They're both down to two shots left. (The one guy firing by himself earlier doesn't count.)

"Pew! Pew! Pew!"
That's what arrows sound like, right?  I mostly do sci-fi.

Finally, some action!  There's been plenty of mud, but where's the blood?  Two of the Red Shields gang up on one of the Blue Shields, but only wound him despite out-manning him.  That Blue Shield is pushed back and suffers attack and movement penalties for the rest of the game.

Yikes!  Does that seem like an awful lot of blood for one guy?

In retaliation, the Blue Captain (dressed in yellow, of course), bravely uses his huge Charisma to order the wounded Shield to advance on the enemy that attacked him!  The Blue Shield only wounds the Red Shield, but another Charisma point from the Blue Captain gives him another chance, and the Red Shield goes down!

Sometimes, a Group that suffers injuries or loses members has to test its Bravery, but it's a hard age and these are hard men, so a Group has to suffer two casualties in the same Turn to worry about it.

Blue Captain: "Hey, Shield!  Are you gonna take that crap from a Red?"

Alas, the Blue Shield's end-zone dance is cut short by the Red Captain.  He rolled a natural 6 to hit, so it's a Critical Strike, meaning he rolls an extra die for damage. 

Referee: "Excessive Celebration - Blue Team!  Penalty: Death!"

Turn 4

Red Team wins the initiative! (Finally.)

The Red Missiles shoot at the Blue Shields, hitting twice, but the Shields are Shields for a reason!  Their special ability is to ignore missile fire on a 5 or 6, and they totally get two sixes.

"Thonk! Thonk!"
Yeah, that's totally an arrow hitting a shield noise.  Nailed it!

Then the two remaining Blue Shields charge a Red Shield and the Red Captain!  The Red Shield slays the Blue, but the fight between the Red Captain and the other Blue Shield is a tie!

Except it's the Blue Shield Leader!  (He has the most rocks on his base, obviously.)  Every Group is led by a more experienced soldier, and that's this guy.  The old, grizzled veteran wins ties, even against Captains!  Moreover, he rolled a natural 6, which is a Critical Strike!  He rolls 3 dice vs Armor 3 and gets 4, 5, 6!  That's three successes, and it only takes two to Knock Out an enemy.

The enemy Captain is down!  All of the groups within 8 inches have to test Bravery!  The Shields fail and rout off of the table, but the Missiles hold fast!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the building, the Red (well, purple?) Scout sneaks around and stabs the Blue Scout, wounding him.  The Blue (well, yellow) Captain then activates, spending a point of Charisma to have the Scout attack at +1, offsetting his -1 for being wounded. Unfortunately, he only manages to drive the scout back! The Blue Captain steps around his ally and wounds the Red Scout himself, before spending another Charisma to send the BlueScout in again, finally Knocking the Red Scout Out!


At this point, Red concedes.  The Red Missiles only have one more shot left, and aren't great in close quarters, and they're facing off against 3 enemy Missiles, a fresh Captain, and a wounded Scout.  They only have two turns left, and the Red Team can just stay hidden behind the tower, like chasing a dog around the dining room table.

Ye Ende

There you go.  For a pretty simple rules-set, this was surprisingly engaging.  And the fights all felt desperate and brutal, which I suppose is in keeping with the way things would be.  I'll definitely be interested in getting more figures together and playing against somebody who isn't me in the future.

A link for them what are interested:

(That ought to keep 'em busy for a while.)

Ĝis la revido!"

Jason "Ludanto" Smith C;E

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Chrome•Hammer: //Grid Lock

Another Chrome•Hammer playtest!  This time it's a VR mission, with the goal of controlling all four Stacks on the table.  Forgive me for not being particularly clever here.  I'm just trying to log this for posterity. :)

Here's the table.
Tron, eat you heart out!
These are the Stacks.

This is a Stack.  The fact that it is actually a stack it totally a coincidence.
These are the Corporate IC programs.  Two Sentries™, a D-Mon™, a Watchdog™, another Sentry™, and a WizzardEye™.

If I had more time or less quarantine, I'd have gotten some better minis.
These are the 'Punks, all hidden.  Amaranth, Bloo, Verdun, Flavio and Agent M.  Why does Agent M look different? Because I had a cool VR model I wanted to use.  This is Agent M's "C0R4X" avatar.  I'm lazy, so nobody has anything special except for Agent M, who has a Cyberdeck.

I wanted to make some 2D shrinky-dink "avatars" but I didn't have time.

The first turn, everybody moves forward as quickly as they can.

Pretty standard so far.
The Corporation's Order dice both came up less than the number of Stacks they control (4) so they get two VR points.  Three programs approach, heading in the general direction of the 'Punks.

Icehouse pyramids work really well for this aesthetic.
The two black ones are VR points.
Two of the 'Punks make contact with Stacks.  The others make for the other side of the table, but they are hindered by having to move in straight lines, because cyberspace.

For a moment, I thought this might be too easy.
The Corporation scores another VR point, giving them 3, and spends one to Overclock the WizzardEye™, letting it get into position to scan Agent M.  Unfortunately, it fails, and wanders off a half move in a random direction.  I wanted to use the Glitch ability to randomly move an enemy, but I didn't have enough VR points.

Haven't yet taken down the Christmas tree from the last office party.
On the 'Punks' Phase, Flavio and Verdun try to Hack the Stacks, but the Corporation spends a VR point each to Lag them, bumping their target numbers to 10+, and they each fail, losing more Stealth in the process.
Who hacks a Corporate VR node using dial-up?

Agent M and Bloo approach a third Stack, but don't have time to to Hack it yet.  On the Corporation's Phase, several programs advance toward them.  The WizzardEye™ fails again, but the Overclocked Watchdog™ gets close enough to spot MAgent M is Exposed!

Woof!  Woof!  Woof!
Agent M and Flavio manage to Hack two of the Stacks!  The mission is half done!  Unfortunately, Verdun fails again and is Exposed!

L337 H4XX0RZ!

Amaranth sneaks over to help, but not before a Sentry™ attacks Verdun, driving him away from the Stack!

Ouch!  Damned campers!
Even worse, a Sentry™ and the Watchdog™ gang up on Agent M, the Watchdog™ Overclocking again to attack him a second time, knocking him offline and Tagging him!

That dog is a menace!
Despite controlling two Stacks now, the 'Punks don't manage to generate and VR points.  Amaranth tries to Hack a third Stack, but fails.  Verdun and Flavio both try to destroy the Sentry™, but it fights back and both are injured further.

I feel like this is where it really started to go wrong.
The Corporation, only controlling two Stacks, manages to barely eke out 1 VR point.  Then things get hairy as the Sentry™ shoots down Flavio, Tagging him and removing him from VR.  A second Sentry™ scans Amaranth, but for only 1 point, which isn't enough to Expose her, but the Corporation makes good use of it's single VR point, allowing the first Sentry™ to go again, scanning Amaranth for a point automatically in a Close Call, and following it up with a "free" attack.  But Amaranth sends him packing!

Or maybe here's where it went wrong.
On the 'Punks' Phase, Amaranth blows her shot at the Stack, leaving her standing in the open.  Verdun shoots at the Sentry™ near him, and manages to hurt it, but its counterattack finishes Verdun off. :(

Ok, things are definitely going downhill now.
I can't remember why this Sentry™ is injured, but whatever.  He shoots Amaranth and down she goes!

Thankfully, he doesn't have time to perform a "teabag" animation over her corpse.
Bloo Hacks the third Stack successfully, but now the enemy are swarming him!  Luckily, with no Exposed 'Punks on the table, the guard programs have slowed down a bit.

"Threat eliminated.  Entering power-saving mode."
Next turn, Bloo makes for the last Stack.  Unfortunately, he's up on a construct and that slows him down.  On the other hand, he managed to gain two VR points this phase, and uses them both for extra Orders that get him into contact with the last Stack, but not soon enough to Hack it.

Something funny about being fast.
The enemies pile on, forcing Close Calls until finally the D-Mon™ Exposes Bloo and burns him for four damage!  (And more importantly, forces him away from the Stack.)  I'm thinking if the 'Punks (well, 'Punk) don't get any VR points this Turn, it's probably over!

Boss music starts playing...
Bloo was closer than I thought!  He moves up to Hack the Stack, but the Corporation uses their last VR point to Lag him, giving him a +2 target number penalty!  But Bloo managed to generate a VR point of his own!  Looking back, he probably should have just saved it, and taken a second action, but instead he uses it to Firewall, negating the Lag.

Unfortunately, he still rolls a six, which fails!

The Corporate units then proceed to dog pile him.  They lose every Assault, but each one does a guaranteed point of damage, and soon, Bloo is out!

Dying Pac-Man noise.
There you go!  That actually seemed to play pretty well!  I might be just about ready to do something with all of this soon!

Ĝis la revido!"

Jason "Ludanto" Smith C;E