Monday, September 7, 2020

Weasel-Hammer: White Scars vs. Orks!

 Hello, Humans!

This September is Weasel-Hammer month!  What does that mean?  It's a loosey-goosey campaign set in a lost corner of the Warhammer 40k universe, but mostly played with Nordic Weasel Games games.

In the fractious and war-torn Mustelida sector, some kind of Warp disturbance has cut off that region of space from outside communication and travel while dark forces begin pouring in.  Whatever Imperial elements that happen to be trapped there are the only hope for Humanity!

"In the grim derpness of the far future, there is only w... weasel!"

 I'm not super-familiar with the lore of the setting, so forgive my sparse color.  Just use your imagination.

I'm using NWG's "Renegade Scout 1.0" rules, which is an appropriate choice as it is inspired by "Rogue Trader" among other things.  The White Scars are Ion Age Retained Knights, and the Orks are Ion Age Maligs (although the Warboss is a SLAP minis "Space Dork", which are very cool models despite the name).

On the sparsely populated planet of Trapoulak, an enclave of Tech-Priests brave the thin atmosphere to perform their rites at a remote research base (Tech Monastery?) Sefadu.  But after a garbled distress signal, nothing has been heard from them since.

A small detachment of of White Scars space marines, led by Captain Bolormaa, are the only available troops in the area and are sent to investigate.

The table.  Research buildings.  Low walls.  A few trees.

The White Scars.  Two Tactical squads, a Scout Bike Squad, and the Captain.

The Orks.  A squad of Warbikes, two Squads of Boyz, and the Warboss. 

Ronald McWarboss
"Da da da da daaaaa!  I'm duffin' it!"

 The Space Marines start with priority.  Everybody moves in.

The Scout Bikes kill two Warbikers and rout the third.
I actually messed up here, because the Warbikers have 3 Wounds, not just 1.

Next Turn, is the real contact.
The Orks should be in better cover, but they're giving as good as they get.

Everybody gets stuck in!
The Scout Bikes make the mistake of slowing down,
and one of their pilots is pulled off and murdered.

The Orks swarm!  The other two Scout Bikes go down!
Technically, the Orks have to roll each turn to resist charging,
but they WANTED to charge, so no big deal.

This might still be OK.
The Marines are outnumbered,but the Orks are outgunned,
and the Ork Warboss already has three wounds (out of five).

The Warboss has four wounds now, and Captain Bolormaa is unscathed.

That last Marine tried to kill the Warboss,
who only has one wound left, but couldn't do it, dying in vain.

Swamp um!  Captain Bolormaa is wounded!

Bolormaa tries to work his way to the table edge.  The horde follows.

More Orks fall, but not quickly enough.
I'm really looking forward to the RS 2.0 melee rules.

They got him again!

He kills three at once!  But unfortunately, the Ork morale holds.

Another wound!  The Warboss comes around for the finishing blow.

WAAAGH!  The Warboss' power blade rips Bolormaa to the ground!

The White Scars don't report back. Nobody knows what's going on at the Sefadu Tech-Monastary.  The Ork forces have been seriously cut back, though, so perhaps it will buy time for Humanity in its way.

Yes, that's an Ork in a dress with a frying pan.  It's not like they were expecting to be attacked, and somebody has to do the cooking.

Ĝis la revido!

Jason "Ludanto" Smith C;E


  1. White Scars? I expected Space Wo ... Weasels ;D.
    An unexpected result, the marines definitely had it tough.
    As always your report is a visual delight, well done!

    1. Thanks! It was weird trying to parse this in 40k terms, but it was certainly an excuse to play more Renegade Scout. It also reminded me that I'm really looking forward to the 2.0 melee rules. :)